About Us

             We are education web portal working as communication mediator between student and mentor or professor.Meribench is owned by Nawle Online Study Guide (OPC) Private Limited and Founded by Jaikumar Yoginath Nawle in Year 2018. Nawle Online Study Guide (OPC) Private is based in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. This portal lunched in first time in Pune, Maharashtra because this city is center of education and awareness of technology. We are working in all over India.

            We provide large number of books online which relate study and also provide live classroom to complete any course for knowledge gaining. This is innovative tool those student come from village and small town city because non availability of course. Meribench.com remove distance between student and Institutes and colleges. Meribench also provides video tutorial which recorded student can watch any according to their time convince. This video tutorial only education contained our operation team continues working to remove non educational contains. Meribench also provides notes section which includes short notes which help to solve difficult problem notes contains Tip, Formulas, Definitions and Important List of topic.

             Meribench is innovative tool which guide to student for their formal and informal education. We are always developing new features in this tools to make education more easy and affordable.